Get those Crayons out!

Cuppitycakes Annual Easter colouring contest is here once more!  Grab your crayons, coloured pencils, markers, paints, etc!!!!  Last year we had such great success with our colouring contest thanks to a little school in Erskin, AB.  This year , like last year we will have two prizes!  One for the all the Kids colouring pages and one for the Adult pages!  You may be think, “why would there be a draw for adults?”.  The answer, because I said so!  Just kidding…..kinda.  Pretty much after 12 you’re no longer considered a kid in the eyes of big corporations who put on colouring contests.  I personally found this silly when I was a kid because I LOVED to colour!  Click on this link  2014 Easter colouring contest to print your colouring page off or while you’re getting your morning brew, tea, latte and or cupcake at Cafe Vero, pick up a colouring page. Make sure to read all the rules on the colouring sheet….there isn’t many.  Good luck pals&gals! xxooST

2013 Easter Colouring Contest

One of last years gems!

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