Happy Birthday Sailor Jerry

Hey Sailor!

If you know me, then you already know all about my love for spiced rum. Sailor Jerry spiced rum to be exact.  My absolute favourite beverage to wind down with after a long day of baking is a Jerry&Ginger, lime wedge optional.  Besides drinking this golden liquid, you can bake/create all shorts of delightful goodies with it.  Don't believe me, just check out the Sailor Jerry website for some tasty recipes!
On January 14th, rum and tattoo lovers all over the world celebrated Norman (Sailor Jerry) Collins birthday.  We all celebrated in our own way.  Many fans got tattooed with some of the Sailors famous flash, others created portraits of the beloved tattoo artist.  This year I decided to make a chocolate Sailor Jerry rum cake.  Clearly I had to jazz it up with some Cuppitycakes flare, taking in a little inspiration from the man himself and this is what I came up with!
Happy Birthday Jerry! Cheers - xxooST

IMG_8830 IMG_8815

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